Charges Dropped Against YSL Polo in YSL RICO Case

On Tuesday, it was revealed that YSL Polo, also known as Cordarius Dorsey, will no longer face racketeering and gang charges in the ongoing YSL RICO trial.

Prosecutors have decided not to pursue these charges due to his existing life sentence for murder.

This news comes shortly after Polo’s conviction for murdering Xavier Turner in January 2020, marking his second murder conviction within a year, both resulting in life imprisonment without parole.

According to prosecutor Adriana Love, the RICO charges were dropped “in the interest of judicial efficiency and effectiveness.”

Video evidence from his murder cases showed Polo fatally shooting Xavier Turner at a mall. He was already serving a life sentence for a 2019 murder. Due to his recent strange behavior in court, Young Thug’s attorney requested his removal from the YSL RICO defendants list.

“Jeffery Williams, by and through undersigned counsel, hereby files this motion to sever parties in the above-referenced case,” wrote attorney Brian Steel. “In support of this Motion, Mr. Williams shows as follows. Mr. Williams is innocent of all charges in the above-referenced indictment. Mr. Dorsey, a co-indictee, has displayed unprofessional and unacceptable conduct in Court, in the presence of this Honorable Court, as announced on the Record on Thursday, Aug. 31, 2023.”


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