Musician and reality star Chrisean Rock recently dedicated her son to Christ during a special ceremony at her hometown church in Baltimore, MD. The 23 year-old revealed her baby’s Biblical Middle name to the world. Chrisean Rock’s son’s full name is Chrisean Jesus Malone.

The dedication was presided over by Rock’s childhood pastor, Pastor, Michael Freeman, at the Spirit of Faith Christian Center.

Dr. Freeman reposted the dedication on his official social media as well. The pastor wrote, “What a blessing to be able to dedicate baby Chrisean Jr. to the Lord today. I’m posting because she posted and totally gave the okay to do so. #familymatters #marriageretreat #mergetv.”

Rock and Chrisean Jr.’s father, BlueFace, have been at odds since the baby’s birth. One specific fight has been over the newborn’s name itself.

BlueFace posted on social media, “I actually feel bad for my son at this point he’s a junior to his mom he don’t gotta be named after me but at least put some thought into it that was some quick last minute….what do you want to name him uhm just write down [Chrisean] Malone smh. Should have just named the baby ‘clout’ would have been more meaningful.”

Rock responded quickly on X, (formerly Twitter), with a desire to remain positive, saying, “Stop the bitter [stuff] we kno you dropping another song soon I get it … let me heal fr stop trynna make something about another woman knowing u will Leave her anyday for me. Yo son will be waiting for his Dadddy to grow tf up….”

Yet, it appears as if the duo have called somewhat of a temporary truce as BlueFace praised Rock for the dedication of their child.

“I rather the baby Ina church full of god fearing faithful people,” Blueface wrote in a post on X, (formerly Twitter). “If anything I believe in the same thing.”

He continued in a separate post, “I trust chrisean with my son that’s it nobody else,” he wrote. “Shes actually very nurturing an caring good with kids no doubt just alil impatient an the baby NEEDS patience can’t just get up an go no mor.”

Actually, Chrisean Jesus Malone does indeed have a nice ring to it.

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