Exclusive: KIM SEJEONG on Her Album “Door” and How it is a “Journey to Discover and Learn More About” Herself

On September the 4th, KIM SEJEONG released her first full album Door. In the album, a more mature side to KIM SEJEONG is showcased. The 11 track album is an ode to all of her experiences and feelings that are untold. A “Door” has been opened for fans leading into KIM SEJEONG’s world and showing us another side. The album has many layers throughout it’s 11 track exploration of the concept. Each track gives us a taste of exploration of a range of different genres, with the title track “Top or Cliff” being a vocal heavy R&B soundtrack. KIM SEJEONG is a singer and actress who won the 2022 Asian Artist Award for Best Actor. The is best known for drama’s such as Uncanny Counter and Business Proposal. We got to ask KIM SEJEONG all about her album and her goals as an artist. Read on to find out what she said.

Could you share with us your inspiration behind the title of your album, “Door”?

Actually, the concept and title of “Door” were decided quite late in the album production process. I had so many thoughts and messages I wanted to convey as I was creating this album, so I explored various concepts like “chats,” “journey,” and “ocean.” Eventually, I settled on the concept of “Door” which holds different meanings when it’s open and when it’s closed, and it seemed fitting as the album’s title as it represents the aspect of myself that is yet to be revealed to the public and my potential as a singer.

Your album, “Door,” is said to contain your untold stories and feelings. Can you share a little bit about the process of selecting and writing these personal songs?

This album is, in fact, a compilation of songs that I’ve been jotting down ideas on, composing, and writing lyrics for over the past three years. I tend to write down my feelings, thoughts I want to say to others later, and promises I make to myself in notes. So you can consider this album as the culmination of all those efforts, transforming the things I wrote down of the emotions and my experiences into music. However, as one’s thoughts and emotions can undergo significant changes over a lengthy three-year period, I faced the challenge of weaving songs with these diverse emotions into a unified theme (laughs). In the end, I made the decision to incorporate as many different genres as possible, with the goal of maximizing my potential as a singer.

After a two-year hiatus from music releases, what made you decide that now is the right time to release your first full-length album?

Originally, I had planned to release an album every time I completed one or two acting projects. However, when the time came for me to release an album according to my original plan, I realized that I wasn’t fully prepared to do it, and I was not satisfied enough with myself to release an album. During that time, I felt that if I were to produce an album, I needed to have more confidence in the musical direction and style I wanted to pursue, and I hoped it would be a process of discovering my path as an artist to some extent. So, I waited until the right time came when I could properly produce a full-length album.

What message or emotion do you hope listeners will take away from your album after listening to all 11 tracks?

This album is brimming with the stories I wanted to share and the image I aimed to convey, so I hope it provides listeners with a distinct understanding of who I am as a singer. As I made every effort to showcase my abilities and convey myself as authentically as possible through various genres and diverse storytelling in this album, I hope the listeners will understand who I am as a singer and an individual.

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Looking ahead, are there any specific goals or directions you’d like to explore in your music career that you haven’t had the chance to pursue yet?

I want to be an artist with a distinct musical style that immediately comes to mind when people hear my name. By musical style, I am not limiting its definition to my vocal styles or the types of genre that I sing, but I’m extending it to encompass the stories and messages I send through my music. As for a more specific goal, it would be to win first place on a music show with a song that I’ve written (laughs).

Could you share a memorable behind-the-scenes moment from the making of the album or the music video for “Top or Cliff”?

The action team of Uncanny Counter Season 2 participated in the music video for “Top or Cliff” which aired just before the release of this album. I actually enjoyed watching these actors stare straight into the camera for the music video when they only reveal their backs to the camera while performing action sequences. In addition to that, the music video strongly reflects my ideas as I had multiple discussions with the director right from the project’s inception. I showed the director the thoughts that I jotted down as I was writing its lyrics, and the director referred to the notes while creating the scenario and script. During our first meeting, the director presented everything, from the hand-drawn sketches to an impressive PowerPoint brochure that I still have with me (laughs). The music video may not be straightforward to interpret, but it contains many elements that leave a lasting impression, allowing each viewer to experience it differently. It also incorporates an unimagined image of myself that I’ve never explored before, so the entire filming process was very exciting overall.

Finally, if you could summarize the essence of “Door” in a few words or phrases, what would they be?

I think the most fitting description would be “a journey to discover and learn more about myself.

Finally, what would you like to say to fans who may be reading?

Hello to all CELEBMIX subscribers, this is Sejeong! I’m delighted to connect with you through my new full-length album, “Door” which is packed with stories I’ve been eager to share. Please give it a lot of love and attention! Also, I will make frequent comebacks with my new acting projects and the upcoming tour, so please stay tuned! Thank you!

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