How to enrol to vote in the Voice to Parliament referendum

Key Points
  • It’s compulsory to vote in the Voice to Parliament referendum.
  • Australians are being encouraged to enrol and check their details.
  • The simplest way to do so is via the AEC website.
Ahead of voting in the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum on 14 October, Australians are being encouraged to check their enrolment details and sign up if they haven’t enrolled before.
Voting in the referendum is compulsory and failure to vote could result in fines, if the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) deems you do not have a valid reason.
The AEC has said around 97.5 per cent of eligible Australians have enrolled to vote, which is a record high and there has been a significant boost in enrolments in remote Indigenous communities.

A writ for the election was issued on Monday, and the electoral roll closes in seven days.

Around 17.5 million eligible Australian voters will be asked to write yes or no on whether to enshrine an Voice to Parliament in the constitution.

The law gives the AEC the power to enrol you if they have obtained your details from another government agency.

How to enrol to vote and update your electoral roll details

You must be on the enrolment list if you are an Australian citizen, or eligible British subject, aged 18 years and over.
To enrol you need to provide your details to the AEC, via its website.

Alternatively, you can fill in a paper form, which is available online or from an AEC office, and return it to the AEC office.

You will need identification documents which can include a driver’s licence, Australian passport number, Medicare card number, Australian citizenship number, or have someone who is enrolled confirm your identity.
It’s important to have the details of your current address accurate and up to date ahead of the referendum.
The simplest way to update your details is via the AEC website, where you can also check your details, but you can fill in a paper form.

To maintain your privacy, your enrolment will only be confirmed if the details you enter exactly match those on the electoral roll.

How does overseas voting work for the Voice to Parliament referendum?

If you live and work overseas and will still be abroad on the date, you can register to vote as an overseas elector.

If you’re overseas for a short time, you can fill in an overseas voting notification form to let authorities know you’ll be voting from abroad.

In-person voting will be provided at a majority of Australian Embassies, Consulates and High Commissions.
There will be an increase in in-person voting centres from the 2022 election.
But if you’re overseas and can’t make it to one of those, .

What if I can’t physically vote on the day?

Early voting and postal voting will be available, as well as phone voting for hearing-impaired people.
Early voting will commence on 2 October in NT, Tas, Vic and WA. In NSW, SA, ACT and Queensland it will start the following day due to a public holiday falling on the Monday.
AEC mobile polling teams visit many voters who are not able to get to a polling place and will go to some residential care facilities and remote areas of Australia.
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