Huge demand for iPhone 15 Pro Max! Apple forced to do THIS

Apple iPhone 15 Pro pre-order trend quickly saw initial delivery times slip well into November, suggesting strong demand. This is so despite the fact that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the most-expensive model in the series. Four iPhone 15 models became available for pre-booking on Friday in several countries. The high-end Pro Max model, for which the price starts at $1,199, saw its first deliveries slip from Sept. 22 to as late as mid-November in the US after pre-orders began at 5 a.m. in California. Pre-Orders for the blue and block iPhone Pro Max models saw delays as late as Oct. 16, while the natural and white models were delayed to Nov. 13. Delays affected all storage capacities of the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

China is also seeing shipment delays to November for all iPhone 15 Pro Max models, while the UK is showing seven- to eight-week delays for some versions of the device. Canada is showing six- to seven-week wait times and India is showing delays as high as eight weeks for a more limited set of models. These delays could continue to grow as pre-orders are placed.

The standard iPhone 15 Pro with a smaller screen is also seeing delays, affecting all colors in some storage capacities. The wait time for those phones, which start at $999, is as late as Oct. 9 as of Friday morning. So far, the only base-level iPhone 15 model seeing delays is the iPhone 15 Plus in pink in all storage capacities.

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The delayed timelines are affecting home deliveries, while some of Apple’s about 270 retail stores in the US still have day one availability for in-store pick up. The iPhone 15 Pro Max in natural titanium appears to be the hottest seller so far, seeing the most limited remaining availability at stores.

The Pro Max starting price is $100 more than last year and the clamoring for pre-orders suggests Apple’s pricing strategy isn’t losing it customers.

When pre-order availability began, many users reported that they were unable to place orders for several minutes and that Apple’s mobile store app crashed at launch or during the order process. The issues mostly impacted users attempting to trade-in an old iPhone or use Apple’s annual upgrade program. That may also suggest strong initial demand.

The iPhone 15 Pro line is a significant update from last year’s models, adding a titanium casing, improved zoom for the camera and a faster processor built on 3-nanometer architecture.

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