Order the iPhone 15 Pro now and here is what will happen

If you loved Apple CEO Tim Cook’s spiel about the new iPhone 15 series and are impressed enough to want to order one now, something not as exciting is bound to happen. In fact, it may have the opposite effect. So, let us say you have got your eye on the brand new iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max and you hit the “Buy” button on Apple website, thereafter, what you will have to do is wait…and wait some more. In fact, you will have to wait for weeks and well into October, if you are lucky, to get your hands on your spanking new iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max. Yes, iPhone 15 pre-orders are open, but don’t expect your shiny new phone to land on your doorstep anytime soon. In fact, BGR reports that the iPhone 15 Pro Max sold out within 1 hour of pre-orders going live! Here’s the lowdown on what to expect.

When the gates opened for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max preorders, there was a mad rush on the online Apple Store. And guess what? A huge number of eager customers placed their orders, causing Apple’s stocks to deplete quickly and vanish, Bloomberg reported.

Delayed Delivery

If you’re thinking of ordering the iPhone 15 Pro Max right now, brace yourself for a wait. According to Mark Gurman, most colors and storage options won’t reach you until at least three weeks after the September 22 release date. Even the regular iPhone 15 Pro, while not as bad, will still keep you waiting longer than the early birds who preordered.

Not sure which
mobile to buy?

In fact, within hours of the preorder launch, some premium model configurations were pushed all the way to mid-November! Also read: Apple iPhone 15 updates: The iPhone 15 series is here; Know the price, features and more

Global Wait Times

This isn’t just a USA problem. Around the world, people are twiddling their thumbs. China, Canada, and India are all experiencing delays. In India, there is a potential waiting period of up to eight weeks for the Pro Max model in natural titanium. Even the standard iPhone 15 Pro is facing similar delays. In the US, it might take until October 23 for the standard model to arrive.

China’s Apple Frenzy

China has always been a big deal for Apple, and the preorder craze there is no different. Within the first half-hour, orders worth a whopping $27.5 million were processed on China’s Meituan platform in collaboration with Apple resellers. Chinese customers are also in for a long wait, with Pro Max models delayed until November, mirroring the global backlog.

So, if you are planning to order the iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max, be prepared to play the waiting game. The long wait is on, but from the looks of it, it will be worth it!

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